Beer Me! Ilkley Brewery Co & Yeastie Boys’ 3.74 Degrees


Having a spectacularly relaxing few days in the Ilkley moors, It really only felt right to sample some of the local produce – and far be it for me to argue. A spectacular new bottle shop having opened in the heart of Ilkley – Fuggle & Golding have got off to a wonderful start with some essential drinking in stock, and some limited and hard to find rarities. Top that off with a few keg lines with growler filling technology and you’re onto a sure fire winner with me.

Yes, that’s right, that’s a hot tub. That’s just how I roll….in North Yorkshire.

Balmy weather for balmy beer, I do have a habit of making some strange, palate chasing choices, and this is no different.

Ilkley Brewery and Yeastie Boys have collaborated with 3.74 Degrees, apparently the new “degree of separation” from the UK to NZ. The NZ brewing scene has quite recently exploded over here in the UK, and I’m happy to have it’s beery embrace – anything that brings more, better and fresher beer to me, is something I can get behind.


Initially sherbetty, it gives way to a crashing hit of palma violets, and this one is hard to shake, for the worse i’m afraid. It completely dominates this beer once you recognise it, and the “Belgian blonde” styling is ruined by it.

The only remnants of being a Belgian style relate to it’s dryness, a treacle edge of sweetness that breaks into the palma fragrance.

I’ve tried comparing this to the Stone Green Tea IPA I tried earlier this year, but where that wore it’s adjunct sweetly and innocently, this batters you round the head with it.

It’s earthy and herbal, but like a shampoo commercial, where the woman is clearly faking it. Guava, bubblegum and the methyl benzoate produced by the added dried Feijoa fruit are front and centre, with little else to add. You can have a half of this and no more.

A lingering lemongrass bitterness pervades, but it’s ultimately like a trip to an old-school sweet shop, and drowning your head in powdery bonbons.

DISCLAIMER: I work for BrewDog and sell BrewDog, Mikkeller and Stone Brewing Co beers into the “North” of England.


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