BrewDog AGM 2014

First Post! etc etc

A couple of weeks have now past since the AGM, and despite starting a new job, moving house, and driving to Aberdeen from Yorkshire, I seem relatively stable.

What a weekend though! Having just checked into the hotel, we immediately set forth to the BrewDog bar, and ordered some of this years #Mashtag 2014 – a wonderful democratically voted for beer through the website and through Twitter, and the BD website itself.

#Mashtag 2014

This Imperial red ale really storms you, wonderfully complex caramel and robust ruby malt tones give way to a blood orange punch and citrus kiss at the end – superb – and FAR better than last years Brown Ale.

Mixing it up in the bar was great, and meeting completely random strangers from around the globe – and then trying ever increasingly diverse beers – added a great community feel to the night. My thanks to Yani, especially, who was a great guy to hang out with throughout the weekend.

The bar was packed, and the crowd were rowdy and affable – a wonderful first day in Aberdeen.

 BrewDog Aberdeen     I Hardcore You

BrewDog Aberdeen

The Hop Cannon!

BrewDog Aberdeen     SAMSUNG CSC

BrewDog Aberdeen in full swing!

Onto the main event!

With over 4000 attendees, this was a major deal for BrewDog, and it could be seen that an event this size was difficult to manage. Zarah was all over the place; We jokingly mentioned she may have either found a way to time-travel to duplicate herself multiple times, or just standard cloning – either way she was a force to be reckoned with. Despite, at times, crazy bar queues, there were high spirits, smiling, and as per usual, beer enthusiasm.

Having been my first AGM experience, I’ve had nothing to compare it to, the business update was well presented to such an enormous crowd, the food was pretty decent, and the music was wonderful – particular highlights being MFC Chicken and of course, the acoustic set from Idlewild.

AGM just getting warmed up

More Business Time

The exceptionally long queues

Sort of working...



MFC Chicken ripping it up!


Then things just got strange…

Beer tastings from the guest breweries, invited to show off their wares, were going down a treat throughout the day. Magic Rock, Cromarty, Brew By Numbers, and of course the fabulous Greg Koch from Stone Brewing – all seemed to get some amazing feedback across the board.

The BrewDog tasting event at 8pm started… well! Both Everyday Anarchy (imperial saison, aged in white wine casks) and Black Eyed King Imp (the original test for Cocoa Psycho) went down a treat…and then people started taking their clothes off. Something you had to be there to see and believe i’m afraid.

BrewDog's Deathstar tasting session

Stone's Greg Koch brings some order in

And then it got weird...

It’s all about the craft beer – and there was so much to have that day – the passion and enthusiasm felt and given by everyone was incredible. Even the occasional gripe on social media regarding queuing didn’t let the day down – you didn’t see many faces not smiling.

Roll on 2015!